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Tank Talk® is published as an informational service to owners and engineers of water storage tanks by TANK INDUSTRY CONSULTANTS.

 • TIC Celebrates 40 Years!
 • TIC Welcomes New Safety Professional
 • Chip Stein Named AWWA Committee Chair

• What You Need to Know about Tank Dive Evaluations
• Partnering with the US Navy: Storage Tank Maintenance on a Global Scale
• Industry Standards and Guidelines

Tank Talk 43

• OSHA to Change Confined Space Regs
• AWWA to Review Tank Inspection Standard
• Corrosion Protection for Water Storage Tanks

Tank Talk 41

• Coating Inspection and Structural Deficiencies
• Underwater Tank Inspections

Tank Talk 40

• Competitive Sealed Proposals vs. Bidding
• Construction Inspection
• Tanks - Safety and Sanitary Concerns
• What Should a Tank Owner Expect from an Antenna Installation
• Sensor Technology for Floating Roofs

• Confined Space Safety

Tank Talk 39

• AWWA Water Industry Hall of Fame

Tank Talk 38

• High Performance vs. Ultra-High Performance Exterior Coating Systems
• Hexavalent Chromium - The Next Lead?

Buying Tanks is Easy...
• Spheroid Inspection & Evaluation
• Venting of Tanks for Rapid Cooling

Tank Talk 37

• Selecting the Type of Tank Inspection

Tank Talk 37

• Is your Tank Old? Rusty? Both? Why?

• Floating Roof Design Considerations

Tank Talk 36

• TIC Celebrates 25th Anniversary
• Emerging Issues in Water Tank Ownership & Engineering

• Leak Integrity Testing of Terminal Piping

Tank Talk 35

• Maintenance Management Prioritization System for Water Tanks
• Tank Security
• The Future of Tank Maintenance...Where Do We Go From Here?

Tank Talk 34

• Minimizing Out-of-Service Time During Tank Painting

• API 653 to Reference Fitness-for-Service Concepts of API RP 579
• Owner's Options for Out-of-Tolerance Tanks

"The City has benefited from TIC's attention to detail in their tank evaluations, which has allowed the City to prioritize their tank projects to maximize the service life of the existing coatings.  When each tank project was undertaken, TIC was able to provide the depth of experience needed to insure a detailed and comprehensive specification, which assured a successful project.  In addition, the experienced staff of observers insured that the specifications were adhered to throughout the project.  Finally, with the first tank in the program approaching 50% of its estimated service life, recent evaluations confirmed that the coating system should meet or exceed design life.  Based on the results of our program, we can enthusiastically recommend TIC for any work related to water storage tanks and are confident that a relationship with TIC will provide a sound return on investment and long-term benefits."

Joe Travers (Retired), City of Richardson, Texas