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America's Water Infrastructure Act (AWIA)

In addition to the AWIA Risk Analysis services described on this page, TIC provides a full range of engineering, evaluation, inspection, and consulting services to help you manage your water tank assets.  For information on any of these services, go to the Services tab above.

TIC Services for AWIA Risk Analysis

Enacted in October 23, 2018, Congress passed legislation, named America's Water Infrastructure Act of 2018, that includes changes to the Safe Drinking Water Act. The legislation implemented a new requirement for drinking water systems to assess the risk to all water system components posed by natural hazards, in addition to the existing requirement of assessing risk posed by malevolent acts.

AWIA Section 2013 requires community (drinking) water systems serving more than 3,300 people to also develop or update risk assessments and emergency response plans to include mitigation of identified risks or areas of inadequate resilience. The law specifies new components that the risk assessments and emergency response plans must address and establishes deadlines by which water systems must certify to EPA completion of the risk assessment and emergency response plan. Compliance deadlines are phased based on the population served by the water system, but compliance deadlines are rapidly approaching.

Natural hazard is defined as a natural event that threatens the functioning of a community water system, including an earthquake, tornado, flood, hurricane, wildfire, or hydrologic changes. It should be noted that periods of high wind or periods of heavy rainfall could also fall under this definition if these occurrences could lead to a condition that poses a risk to the water system.

To support your obligation to perform risk assessment on all water system components, TIC can provide specialized services for your water storage tank assets.

TIC’s AWIA evaluation and risk analysis will assist you with the following portions of the required Risk and Resilience Assessment for your water tanks:

• Perform condition assessment evaluation of the water tanks in your system.
• Analyze the risk to your water tanks posed by natural hazards.
• Review of the water tank monitoring practices followed by your water system.
• Review of the maintenance of the water tanks in your system.
• Provide a detailed professional engineering report of the tank condition.
• Provide a detailed listing of deficiencies that pose a risk to the water tank
  and could interfere with activities undertaken during emergency response
  episodes. The deficiency review includes items from the following
  categories: sanitary, structural, seismic, security, safety, and site conditions.
• Provide a summary of required repairs, upgrades, modifications, or rehabilitation
  necessary to mitigate the identified deficiencies.
• Provide estimated costs for the recommended mitigation actions for the
  deficiencies identified.

Under the AWIA requirements, the risk and resilience assessment must be reviewed and, if needed, updated every five years. TIC's environmental hazards risk analysis evaluation and report provides the needed foundational information to begin your risk and resilience assessment reporting for your water tank assets.

Let TIC help you with your water tank risk analysis needs.

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