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Water Storage Tank Engineering and Inspection Specialists

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Seminar Topics

  • Tank Failure Modes
  • Basics of Corrosion and Cathodic Protection
  • Controlling Corrosion with Coatings
  • Specifying New Tanks
  • Composite Storage Tanks
  • New Tank Construction
  • Developing a Maintenance Program and Tank Evaluations
  • Environmental Considerations during Tank Rehabilitation
  • Developing Rehabilitation Specifications
  • Overseeing Painting and Maintenance
  • Cellular Antennas on Water Storage Tanks
  • Owner-Performed Maintenance
  • Accessing Water Storage Tanks - Safety Considerations
  • AWWA Tank Standard D101 - The Development of the "Inspection of Water Tanks and Related Facilities" Standard
  • Controlling the Quality of Tank Painting
  • Confined Spaces