Tank Talk

Tank Talk® is published as an informational service 
to owners and engineers of water storage tanks 

Tank Talk 45
  • TIC Celebrates 40 Years!
  • TIC Welcomes New Safety Professional
  • Chip Stein Named AWWA Committee Chair

Tank Talk 44
• What You Need to Know about Tank Dive Evaluations
  • Partnering with the US Navy: Storage Tank Maintenance on a Global Scale
  • Industry Standards and Guidelines

Tank Talk 43
  • OSHA to Change Confined Space Regs
  • AWWA to Review Tank Inspection Standard
  • Corrosion Protection for Water Storage Tanks

Tank Talk 41
  • Coating Inspection and Structural Deficiencies
  • Underwater Tank Inspections

Tank Talk 40
  • Competitive Sealed Proposals vs. Bidding
  • Construction Inspection
  • Tanks - Safety and Sanitary Concerns
  • What Should a Tank Owner Expect from an Antenna Installation
  • Sensor Technology for Floating Roofs

Tank Talk 39
  • Confined Space Safety 

Tank Talk 39
  • AWWA Water Industry Hall of Fame 

Tank Talk 38
 • High Performance vs. Ultra-High Performance Exterior Coating Systems
  • Hexavalent Chromium - The Next Lead?

Tank Talk 38-2, Industrial
  • Buying Tanks is Easy...
  • Spheroid Inspection & Evaluation
  • Venting of Tanks for Rapid Cooling

Tank Talk 37
  • Selecting the Type of Tank Inspection

Tank Talk 37
  • Is your Tank Old? Rusty? Both? Why?

Tank Talk 37-2, Industrial
  • Floating Roof Design Considerations

Tank Talk 36
  • TIC Celebrates 25th Anniversary
  • Emerging Issues in Water Tank Ownership & Engineering

Tank Talk 36-2, Industrial
  • Leak Integrity Testing of Terminal Piping

Tank Tank 35
  • Maintenance Management Prioritization System for Water Tanks
  • Tank Security
  • The Future of Tank Maintenance...Where Do We Go From Here?

Tank Talk 34
  • Minimizing Out-of-Service Time During Tank Painting

Tank Talk 34, Industrial
  • API 653 to Reference Fitness-for-Service Concepts of API RP 579
  • Owner's Options for Out-of-Tolerance Tanks