TIC personnel assume leadership roles in these varied associations:

American Water Works Association

Stephen W. Meier, P.E., S.E., Managing Principal

  • Chair, AWWA Steel Tank Committee.  In this capacity Steve oversees all standards development and revision processes for all steel tank standards including D100 (construction), D102 (coatings), D103 (bolted tanks), D104 (cathodic protection), D106 (sacrificial anode cathodic protection systems), D107 (composite elevated tanks), D108 (aluminum dome roofs), M42 (Tank Manual), and the proposed new stainless steel bolted tank standard.
  • Technical Editor, AWWA Steel Water Storage Handbook
  • Member, D107 Composite Elevated Water Tank Committee

Gregory R. “Chip” Stein, P.E., Managing Principal

  • Chair, D101 Standard Subcommittee for Inspecting and Repairing Steel Water Tanks, Standpipes, Reservoirs, and Elevated Tanks for Water Storage.
  • Member, AWWA D102 Committee on tank coatings

National Fire Protection Association 

Chip Stein

  • Principal Member, Water Tank Committees NFPA 22 and NFPA 25.

NACE International

Chip Stein

  • Former member, CoatingsPro Editorial Advisory Board
  • Former member, Coatings Council

SSPC: The Society for Protective Coatings

Chip Stein

  • Tutorials and Conference Chair

American Concrete Institute

Steve Meier

  • Member, Committee 371 on Concrete Pedestal Tanks
  • Former Member, Committee 376 Concrete Structures for Refrigerated Liquefied Gas Containment.

American Petroleum Institute

John M. Lieb, P.E., Chief Engineer

  • Member, API Subcommittee on Aboveground Storage Tanks
  • ANSI/API 653 Certified Aboveground Storage Tank Inspector License #51
  • API RP 579 Fitness-For-Service Training Course Certificate

Raymond E. Penny, Manager, Southwest Region

  • API 653 Certified Aboveground Storage Tank Inspector License #24584

Steel Tank Institute

Chip Stein

  • Past Chair, Field Erected Tanks Committee
  • Steel Tank Seminar Subcommittee and Presenter

Steve Meier

  • Subcommittee on Concrete Pedestal Tanks 
  • Steel Tank Seminar Subcommittee and Presenter

John Lieb

  • STI Inspector AC 21310
  • Member AST Repair Standard Committee