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  • New Jersey 1,600,000 Gallon Voorhees Standpipe

    Tank Industry Consultants evaluated the 1,600,000 Gallon Voorhees Welded Steel Standpipe on September 20 & 27, 2010. TIC then wrote specifications in 2014 for complete cleaning and painting of the exterior and interior along with various repairs and upgrades. We provided third party full time inspection services during the rehabilitation from 10/28/15 - 12/14/15.

    View the link below to see the finished product:

  • US Navy Awards TIC Indefinite Quantities Contract

    The U.S. Navy recently awarded Tank Industry Consultants an indefinite quantities contract for Professional Engineering and Inspection Services for the United States Navy world-wide. Since 2003, the first year TIC was awarded an indefinite quantities contract for the U.S. Navy, TIC has performed 551 tank inspections at 66 bases in 20 states and 13 countries.


  • Earthoid Recognized with William Johnson Award

    At their Annual Conference in San Antonio, Texas in January, SSPC The Society for Protective Coatings recognized the repainting and rehabilitation of the “Earthoid” for outstanding achievement demonstrating aesthetic merit in industrial or commercial coatings work.

    In 1980, noted muralist Mr. Peter Freudenberg put the finishing touches on one of the most unique water storage structures in the United States, the Washington Suburban Sanitary Commission’s Earthoid on the campus of Montgomery College in Germantown, Maryland.  The structure, painted to resemble the astronauts’ bird’s eye view of the earth, is not only a fully functional 2,000,000-gallon water storage tank, but also a civic landmark for area residents.  The structure was heralded as a groundbreaking project in the water storage, protective coatings, and steel plate structures industries.

    For 31 years, the tank has greeted motorists traveling along Interstate 270 and Route 118 as it appears above the trees on the horizon.  After years of excellent service life, the coating on the tank exterior is in need of rehabilitation.

    After much discussion and media attention, plans are underway for the refurbishment of the tank, to include repainting the tank to again resemble a globe.  The original muralist has retired and Mr. Eric Henn has been commissioned to recreate the landmark.

    Tank Industry Consultants provided project specifications and monitored the contractor’s work during the tank repainting project.  The award William Johnson Award was accepted by TIC Managing Principal, Chip Stein, and Tracy Holmes of the Washington Suburban Sanitary Commission.  Also on-hand for the ceremony were Brian Monczka of Horizon Brothers Painting and Kevin Morris of The Sherwin-Williams Company.

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